Hollins Law OFfice:  Who WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO

At The Hollins Law Office, our primary, most honored objective is to provide exceptional, legal services to individuals who require a Living Will, Trust, Estate Planning or are in need of bankruptcy throughout Tennessee. Since our initiation, we’ve strived to help our clients with the legal counsel and representation they need to protect their rights, finances, and futures.

WHAT MAKES HOllins law office 

different from the rest?

We are different because the skilled and dedicated staff at the Hollins Law Office is committed to providing personal attention for each of our clients, regardless of if we are filing a bankruptcy petition, or navigating the probate process.  Our lawyers strongly believe in several important guiding principles that make us the obvious choice:

  • We are personally invested in our clients
  • You deal DIRECTLY with the attorney on your case
  • Legal representation without the high price

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